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AG is an accredited CMT through the MTA and the editor of His members receive daily updates and regularly scheduled reports 3-days a week. He prides himself on making his analysis easy to understand through the use of adaptive and creative charting methods. You can reach AG at

Gold prices have been correcting since September, and investors are beginning to wonder if it's the right time to buy? With our Gold Cycle Indicator below 100, the odds are beginning to favor an intermediate low.  The Perfect Price As investors, we c
The correction that began in September is nearly complete, and gold should bottom in the opening days of December. The current pullback is nothing more than a normal cycle correction. Once gold bottoms, we expect an advance to $1600+ in the first quarter of next yea
Gold futures are breaking lower after last Friday's better than expected employment data and today's stable ISM nonmanufacturing index. Our forecast for a November breakdown appears to be underway. Gold tends to form interim highs or lows in the opening days of a
After peaking in September, gold entered a mild corrective phase. The pullback into October lacked depth and appears incomplete. The potential for a secondary breakdown remains. A pause in the Fed rate-cutting cycle on Wednesday could trigger the next wave of sellin
Gold prices continue to grind their way lower after peaking in September. The correction has been choppy as traders weigh weaker than expected economic data versus productive trade talks with China. Overall, this appears to be a normal cycle correction, and we shoul
Metals and miners have been bouncing after forming interim lows. Our cycle work supports a broken rally that should rollover between now and mid-October. A trade deal with China (partial or otherwise) could trigger the next selloff in gold. The 45 Day Cycle We
The intermediate advance in gold prices peaked one month ago at $1566.20. We've entered the declining and somewhat choppy phase of the cycle. The commitment of trader’s report (COT) is far from supporting a bottom. It will likely take a few more weeks before gold st
Gold futures are trying to hold support near $1500 ahead of next weeks Fed announcement. Our intermediate forecast supports a pullback into October/November. A backtest of the $1380 breakout area could become one of the last great buying opportunities. 
Gold confirmed a new bull market in June 2019. The current cycle likely peaked last week after surging nearly $300 since May. Next, we should get a multi-week correction into October/November and perhaps a backtest of the breakout area surrounding $1380. Commitm
Gold and silver prices are forming outside reversals as I write, and an interim top is possible. Longer-term, we believe the gold bull market is just getting started and should last well into the next decade. A multi-week correction in metals and miners from this le