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Gold ended up forming the slightly more bearish pattern of an early-week high last week, with the index hitting a peak of 1296.60, made on a Monday time top. From there, lower prices were seen into later into late-week, with the metal dropping down to a Friday botto
Last week's trading saw gold holding in a sideways-to-down consolidation, with the metal forming its low in Tuesday's session with the tag of the 1280.20 figure. From there, strength was seen into a Thursday high of 1298.00 - before backing off the same to end the w
Last week's trading saw the gold market making higher highs for the larger swing, with the metal pushing all the way up to a high of 1270.30 (February, 2019 contract), made in Thursday's session; from there, a mild consolidation to the downside was seen to end the w
Last week's action saw gold forming its peak for the week in Monday's session, here doing so with the tag of the 1256.60 figure (February, 2019 contract). From there, a gentle correction was seen into late-week, with that decline coming as the result of a smaller 10
Gold's Short-Term Cycles For the very short-term, the next minor cycle top is due to play out with the 10-day wave, with the larger 34 and 72-day cycles still seen as pointing south at the present time. With that 10-day cycle into topping range, any reversal belo
Very little changed in the precious metals market yesterday and the vast majority of investors and traders will think that this means that nothing changed. And that will be very wrong. “What changed” is not the only important question that one should be asking. “How
In my last article, I explained how gold prices would either bounce or break sharply lower. Gold rallied, and prices appear to be following a 30-32 day cycle. The next cycle turning point should arrive in late December. The dollar cycle peaked on Monday, November
Gold, Silver, and Miners are at critical support and the dollar appears to be breaking out of a 3-month bullish consolidation. Oil is down 28% in just 6-weeks, and prices are approaching key support. The decline has been relentless and taken on a life of its own.
Last week's action saw gold forming its high in Wednesday's session, here doing so with the tag of the 1238.40 figure. From there, a sharp decline was seen into Friday, with the metal dropping all the way down to a low of 1207.20 - also managing to end the week at o
The seasonal pattern in gold prices supports an October high, a November decline, and a December Bottom. It looks like we got the October high at $1246. Next, we should see a November decline. Gold Weekly Gold tends to top in October or early November and bott