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The price of gold is starting to climb yet again - and for good reason. Recent economic data out of the United States proved to be incredibly concerning. Consequently, it is causing investors to push toward gold. Today, we'll talk about the US economic data that was rel
Gold started up around $10-15 per ounce this morning in its flirtation with $1,300 an ounce. Although gold is still short of that goal, today we’re going to look ahead. In my opinion, it is a foregone conclusion that gold will hit $1,300 within the next quarter or so. T
Gold has been a very interesting commodity to watch as of late. Throughout the first part of the year 2016, following the value of the precious metal has been quite a bit like riding a roller coaster. However, I came across an interesting article, today, that explained
On one hand, you have optimism. Gold bugs believe that gold’s ceiling is well beyond $1,300 - even in the short term, to say nothing about the long term. On the other hand, you have goldbears. They believe that gold outperforming the stock market this strongly in 201
U.S. consumer spending rose 0.1 percent in March. What does this mean for the gold market? Consumers Save Instead of Spending Personal consumption expenditures increased merely 0.1 percent in March. The number was slightly lower than in February and below expectat
Have you been watching the movement in gold this year? If not, I can catch you up pretty quickly. The value of the precious metal has climbed from $1,063.22 per ounce to $1,291.79 per ounce. Sure, there has been some downward movement, but for the most part, gold has be
Regular readers will know that we’ve been watching the Fed closely this week, and for good reason: a big semi-regular meeting just took place in which the Fed was set to tell the nation, and the world, what it thought about the economy. And when the Fed talks about the
The values of gold and silver have climbed and fallen this year more than a roller coaster. However, I believe that tomorrow is going to be a spectacular day for the precious metals investing community. That's because at the end of the day today, the Federal Reserve wil
When the Federal Reserve meets, everyone pays attention to what they have to say. The International Business Times is calling this week a “Big week for central banks” thanks to a big Federal Reserve meeting scheduled to proceed today and tomorrow. As the Federal Rese
The value of gold has been climbing this year…and for good reason. A mix of poor market conditions, poor economic conditions, geopolitical concerns and energy sector declines have sent the value of the precious metal soaring. However, I don't think the gains are over...