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The idea of helicopter money is gaining popularity right now. What is it and how would it affect the gold market? Some Background The faith in monetary policy has recently diminished as central banks have not been able to spur global growth and consumer prices. Th
The Central Banks around the world are resorting to measures never before seen in history. For thousands of years, the boom and bust cycle has been part of a natural reoccurring business economic cycle.  The economy autocorrects itself by punishing the excesse
Last week the gold price saw a big pullback after the best start to the year since 1974. By the end of the week, market sentiment was poor. Commentators were almost as negative as at the New Year though not all of them. Elliott-Wave chartist Avi Gilbert noted that wh
No matter if you're a gold investor, stock investor, options trader, or any other type of investor, chances are that you've been watching the Federal Reserve closely. As we get closer and closer to the month of April, markets are starting to adjust, and for good reason.
Yesterday, the price of gold decreased despite terrorist attacks in the heart of the European Union just a day before. What caused the decline and what does it mean for the gold market? It Was Supposed to Be So Beautiful It should have been a good week for gold. O
Gold prices have been following a roller coaster for quite some time. In the beginning of the year, the value of the precious metal was climbing as the global stock market was struggling in a big way. However, as stocks started to recover in February, the value of gold
Yesterday, terrorists launched coordinated attacks across Brussels in which at least 30 people were killed and hundreds more injured. Will the attacks on the Belgian capital affect the gold market? What happened? On Tuesday, there were two suicide bomb attacks in
When the US Federal Reserve talks, the whole world listens. Specifically, when the Federal Reserve announces whether they’re increasing, decreasing, or keeping interest rates steady, just about everyone in the business world will stop what they’re doing to find out wher
Last week, CNN reported that foreign governments had been dumping US debt at record rates. What does it mean for the gold market? Foreign Governments Dump US Debt According to CNN, “in a bid to raise cash, foreign central banks and government institutions sold $57
Gold has been an incredibly interesting commodity to watch throughout the beginning of the year. As the global stock market started to crash, gold started to gain support with safe haven investors, leading to incredible increases in demand. Soon enough, the increases in