Precious Metals

All eyes have been on the Federal Reserve for more than a year at this point, and for good reason. At the end of the year 2014, economic conditions in the United States were proving to be positive, and the Federal Reserve made a key announcement. It would be increasing
Any smart precious metals investor knows that watching the Federal Reserve’s announcements is integral to understanding where the dollar—and subsequently the price of metals measured in the dollar—might go. That’s no different today, on St. Patrick’s Day. A recent an
Recently, the story broke that China was going to start helping to dictate global silver prices. However, few people really know what this means from a logistics level, and perhaps more importantly, what it means for the price of the precious metal. Today we'll talk abo
If you’re like a lot of “Gold Bugs” out there, then you’re also a “silver bug.” The two metals often seem to go hand-in-hand; silver’s more affordable price means that investors without a lot of money can get into silver and have plenty of hard bullion to show for it wh
Copper lost some 26% of its price in 2015 and bounced back early this year. But what does that mean for copper right now, and what’s the latest in copper investing this week? Here are some quick briefs: U.S. Geological Survey Releases New Copper Data According to
Those of you who follow my writing, either here or elsewhere, know that I'm a big fan of silver, and for several reasons. However, today, I have the biggest piece of evidence that silver is going to climb that I've had in a while. We recently saw a crossover my friends,
When you ask people what they’re doing to stay out of the stock market in what appears to be a year of a bear market, most people will say that they’re going to safe havens like real estate and gold. But what many people forget about is the completely viable alterna
While precious metals like gold and silver appear to be coming around to a bull market, investors who consider the entire swath of metal prices aren’t so sure about industrial and base metals including zinc, lead, tin, and nickel. Does that mean that zinc and lead ar
Platinum, like most other precious metals, was sitting on top of the world in 2011. However, since then, the price of the commodity has been falling in a big way. However, recent  developments indicate that gains may be on the way. Today, we'll talk about the facto
Silver is one of my favorite commodities to follow, and at the moment, one of my favorite to invest in. In fact, earlier today, I ran down to the local precious metals shop an purchased several thousand dollars worth of the precious metal, and for good reason. Silve