Precious Metals

With gold inching upward and Hurricane Harvey’s fallout causing havoc in the south, there have been plenty of economic headlines to watch over the past week. In news climates like this, it can be easy to overlook a precious metal like silver—but it’s worth observing
Silver is currently trading around $17 an ounce. This is around 34% of its 1980 all-time high of $50. However, this is an incomplete representation of what silver is really trading at, relative to US dollars. When you look at the silver price, relative to US currenc
First published on Sun Aug 20 for members:  With the metals providing us with the pullback we were expecting in our report last weekend (Aug 12-13), they continued to push higher from that pullback.  Moreover, the structure continues to look quite bullish.
Take any individual two-day snapshot of silver this month and you would have no idea where the ultimate price would end up. It started the month on a relatively positive note, trending over $16.80 per troy ounce, before a dip. A sudden spike over the course of just a fe
First published on Sun Aug 13 for members of  Reading most metals analysis in 2017 has been like watching a tennis match with the analysis going back and forth over the net between bullishness and bearishness.  As the market reaches
The outlook for precious metals has changed quite a bit over the last month. In early July, gold and gold stocks were weak and threatening severe breakdowns below key levels such as $1200 gold and $21 GDX. Those moves reversed course and now gold and gold stocks are thr
First published on Sun Aug 6 for members of  As I read posts across the internet, I see utter disgust with the metals complex.  It seems this sideways action in 2017 has worn investors out.  I have seen many cash in their chips
Some time ago we discussed the analogies in the silver market…and the implication of the analogies was that a big decline should follow. However, we have not seen anything epic on a medium-term basis – only a local (yet powerful) intra-day slide. Was the analogy invalid
This past week, the GDX has finally taken out its resistance at 22.65, and provided us with some semblance of an impulsive structure off the recent lows.  However, the micro structure it is not the cleanest of structures, similar to silver.  Yet, as lon
When forecasting the price of silver, we often have to look at long-term trends or even review previous months to get a context for where the price may be headed. But this silver forecast will be different. Not only is there interesting movement in the price of silv