Precious Metals

Now that we have moved beyond the Fed-event, many have become quite bearish the metals once again.  Many are again expecting the December 2016 lows to be tested, with just as many thinking it will be broken.  But, what I find quite comical are those tha
First published on Sat Jun 10 for members of As we came into 2017, I was looking for the metals market to bottom and begin a strong rally for 2017 which would take us back to the highs of 2016 and beyond.   Thus far, the market has b
Gold, silver and mining stocks finally moved lower after several days of higher prices - and one can say the opposite about the USD Index. Was this just a pause or a beginning of a bigger downtrend? The latter is quite likely and the reasons come from the precious me
To employ a quote often attributed to Mart Twain, the rumors of a stock market demise appear to have been exaggerated. Although one turn of the calendar can always have something different to say, this year has been very profitable for general stock market investors as
First published on Saturday May 13 for members of Without fail, each and every time the metals have dropped since bottoming over a year ago, many panic and proclaim the bear market to have returned.  Moreover, many have looked t
First published on Saturday May 6 for members of  Last week, I noted that we still likely have lower levels to strike in this complex, but that I expect the market to set up a bottom very soon.  I still maintain that expect
Precious metals moved visibly lower yesterday, but we can’t say the same about gold and silver mining stocks. The miners refused to follow the metals lower and the question is if this is a sign of a local (or major) bottom. In our opinion, it’s too early to say
First published on Saturday April 29 for members of  I think we are approaching a bottoming in the miners and metals, but we still have a few “squiggles” likely to be seen to the downside before we are done.  But, as I note
In yesterday’s alert we wrote that the reversal in the precious metals market should once again not be taken at its face value and that one should not overreact based on it as the size of the potential rally was limited. Well, it turned out that “limited rally” was
The most prominent action in the precious metals market we saw last week, took place in silver. The white metal closed the week below the important long-term support/resistance line, thus invalidating the previous breakout. However, there’s more to the precious metals m