Precious Metals

It’s no secret that silver is worth less than gold, and as a result, silver’s price often seems more volatile by comparison. When forecasting the price of sliver for the next few months, we have to wonder: Are there strong signs of volatility in eithe
First published on Saturday April 15 for members:    With the break-out over the prior week’s high, we now have structures in gold and silver off the March lows which can be considered strongly impulsive.  And, as I have noted many times in the p
The long-term view of silver is extremely bullish, given that it is today one of the most undervalued metals. It is evident that ideal economic conditions are present for silver to rise for many years to come: All-time low interest rates that are about to rise
It’s no surprise to investors that a weaker US dollar tends to be better for the price of items denominated in US dollars—precious metals in particular. But when the President speaks up on the state of the US dollar, the markets listen. Specifically, President Donal
Gold and silver prices are at a critical point. It appears that we will see massive price movements up or down, soon. Conditions are very similar to that of the early 80s (circa 1983), like when the Dow Index had just made a significant breakout…after a 17-year consolid
In yesterday’s alert we emphasized that the breakdown in the USD Index should not be trusted as it was not confirmed. Moreover, there were several good reasons to think that it would not be confirmed. The breakdown is already invalidated and – again, as discussed yester
Where is the price of silver headed? That question gets at the heart of your philosophy as an investor. For many, there are just a few key market factors to look at as you evaluate silver from a zoomed-out, comprehensive view. For others, thanks to issues like psych
This week has seen a sluggish Dow Jones Industrial Average struggling to break even while the price of gold looks poised to hold on to its gains. But what’s been lost in the shuffle is the price of silver, which has made some progress against gold, inching up above
The precious metals complex enjoyed a strong week mostly due to a post-Fed explosion last Wednesday. Although gold stocks sold off to end the week, they finished up almost 5% for the week. Gold gained 2.4% on the week while Silver gained 2.9%. The miners enjoyed massive
This week’s long-anticipated interest rate hike from the Federal Reserve was largely expected. What was unexpected, however, was just how the markets would react. If anything, the markets reacted as if there had been an interest rate decrease, which in turn seemed t