Precious Metals

With gold hitting the $1,200 mark yet again, it’s clear that there is enough confidence in precious metals as an edge investment to push them up once again. But it’s not only gold that’s making this push. As is typically the case silver is along for the ride. It’s u
During last week spot gold prices rose 1.9% or nearly $22 to close at $1,173 as of the final tick on the New York COMEX. Initial resistance is expected to be seen between $1,190 - $1,200, labeled below in red, with support coming from the broken 2013 – 2015 down
We’ve just ended an entire year for silver. Consequently, it’s only natural to look at the past twelve months and ask not only what silver’s price yielded, but what the overall story and trends of the price of silver may be moving forward. As it currently stands,
By now gold investors have read all of the year-end summaries about precious metals. But at some point, there comes a time when you need to consider that other precious metal…and whether it might have more room to move upward. We’re talking about the price of silver
With the Federal Reserve raising interest rates this week, there’s been a lot of talk about the markets, the economy…and even the price of gold. But lost in the shuffle is silver: where it’s headed, where it is right now, and if there’s enough upward room or pressur
Eight months ago, Deutsche Bank AG settled a lawsuit that had claimed there was rigging going on in the silver market. Now, as Bloomberg reports, there is “smoking gun” proof that this was indeed going on in subsequently released documents. According to the plain
It’s a new month, which means we can finally step back and figure out what’s been happening in the markets—at least before moving forward into December, when an entire new set of variables will be introduced. But what can looking at the price of silver in November t
With gold and silver prices reeling from an optimistic stock market since the US Presidential Elections, the one thing investors have been asking themselves is, “How long will this last?” When we examine the future price of silver and consider where it may go from h
Throughout the year, we’ve seen a resurgence in precious metals that has been extremely healthy for the price of silver. But with recent optimism in the markets—including the Dow Jones Industrial Average hitting 19,000 for the first time—precious metals have taken a
Anyone interested in precious metals in the last days of 2016 has to contend with one very strong factor: i.e. the strength of the US dollar. As we’ve noted here many times, the US dollar-denominated status of precious metals like gold and silver means that a strong